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Bread of Life (John 6:44-51)

Yesterday’s gospel, Jesus told the crowd: “I came to do the will of the Father, who sent me. The will of the Father is to take all men and women to Himself.” Today’s gospel, we hear that “no one can come to me unless the Father draws him…” It is about the Father’s will for us. The Father is the one who sent Jesus and who will draw souls to him. So, those individuals who heard Christ’s words and were drawn to him that day were doing so because of a gift of faith from the Father.

The Father loves us so very much that He gave us Christ, who first became man. Christ did not merely give us blessed or prayed bread like when we eat our daily meals, but He gave us His very own life. That is what love is and how God always loves: by giving himself completely and without reservation. Yes, He gave Himself completely to us by dying on the cross. His flesh was made bread for the salvation of the entire world.

Christ humbles Himself taking the form of a slave—became man like us, the same in every way except sin. But in His humility, we witness the greatest act of love for us – His will for us to have eternal life by allowing Himself to be broken. He humbled Himself to become our spiritual sustenance.

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