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God's Gift of Peace (John 14:27-31)

Jesus talks about His Gift of Peace! “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you; I do not give to you as the world gives.”This peace is a blessing that Jesus has left us. No unfortunate circumstances can take this peace away from us because it is our inheritance from the risen Christ. It is the by-product of His victory over sin and death. He gives us this peace, not as the world gives peace because He gave it without any condition.

This peace is not the peace that the world understands it. This peace is not simply the absence of violence, but is something much deeper and more positive. In fact, this peace can exist side by side with turmoil and trouble. It is an internal peace that comes from the amazing power our relationship with God, the God keeps us secure even in unfortunate situations.

Finally, this peace is “Shalom” to his close friends or disciples who are fearful, anxious and upset upon hearing that Jesus is going back to heaven. As He greeted the same Peace after His resurrection, Jesus greeted Peace as His farewell, which signifies perfect happiness due to His liberating mission that made us whole.

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